OneUSDA Cacao

The Caribbean Climate Hub invites you to its next OneUSDA’s event called “Cocoa Symposium – Integration of Available Practices and Resources’ ‘.

  • When: Thursday, March 21, 2024 9am-3:30pm
  • Where: Videoconference Room of the Inter-American University of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
  • The event will be in person and in Spanish.

Registration  &  Agenda

This event will have a focus on cacao, where we will have a special participation from the Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching Center (CATIE), of Costa Rica as well as researchers from the USDA Tropical Agriculture Experimental Station, TARS. Practical information will be provided on mitigation measures, adaptation, and resources available to farmers, agribusinesses, and landowners in support of making strategic and informed decisions in the face of the effects of climate change. Several USDA agencies will also be present.