Adaptation Workbook Workshop: Vieques and Culebra

Vieques workshop:

  • When: April 3 2024 10am-1pm
  • Where: Finca Colmena Cimarrona

Culebra workshop:

  • When: April 10 2024 5:30pm-8:30pm
  • Where: Seva

Climate change is already impacting agriculture and forests in Puerto Rico. These effects can make project planning and management difficult.

What information will you find in our climate change adaptation workshops?

  • Impacts, trend maps, risks of climate change in Puerto Rico and how it affects its lands.
  •  Material on resources and practices that can be incorporated to adapt to effects associated with events such as prolonged droughts, extreme rains and hurricanes.
  • Guides and tools to identify the characteristics of the terrain and its climatic vulnerability.
  • Space to clarify doubts, bring concerns and create valuable connections with the team, collaborators and participants.
These workshops are part of the project: Climate Change Adaptation Guides in Caribbean Agriculture and Forests, funded by the United States Department of Natural Resources Conservation (NRCS Caribbean Area).