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International Institute of Tropical Forestry

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Conjunto Tecnológico para la Producción de Ají Dulce “Sweet Pepper”

Sweet pepper had its origin in the New World, like common pepper. Residues of pepper and sweet pepper have been found in human tombs in Peru. After the discovery of America this crop spread to the Old World. The sweet pepper belongs to the family of Solanaceae, where most species are herbaceous distributed in the […]

Conjunto Tecnológico para la Producción de Sandía “Watermelon”

In Puerto Rico, watermelon production is mainly concentrated in the south coast. For the year 1996-97, there were a total of 508 acres strewn of watermelon in this area. Watermelon production in this area is characterized the use of mechanization in most of the tasks of crop and high use of inputs. In the supplement […]