Culebra Climate Adaptation Workshop | May 22 2024

Climate change is a reality that impacts Puerto Rico’s agriculture and forests. These effects can make it difficult to plan and manage projects. Join us at the next workshop to learn more.

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What information will you find in our climate change adaptation workshops?
  • Impacts, trend maps, risks of climate change in Puerto Rico and how it affects its lands.
  • Material on resources and practices that can be incorporated to adapt to effects associated with events such as prolonged droughts, extreme rains and hurricanes.
  • Guides and tools to identify the characteristics of the terrain and its climatic vulnerability.
  • Space to clarify doubts, bring concerns and create valuable connections with the team, collaborators and participants.
These workshops are part of the project: Climate Change Adaptation Guides in Caribbean Agriculture and Forests, funded by the United States Department of Natural Resources Conservation (NRCS Caribbean Area).